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Intensive Relationship Rescue

Get to the root cause of issues both individually and as a couple and rescue your relationship.

Online Readings

Priya offers Online Psychic Readings and Life Solution sessions via instant messaging online chat.

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Online Readings

Online Readings

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    Thursday, July 20, 2017…As the wise Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try”. Either you are doing something or you are not doing something, please don’t fool yourself by using the word try.  I often ask clients […]

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Is Living 365 for YOU?

Here's what REAL people are saying about Priya and Living 365

Working with Priya has been a very positive life changing experience for me. After just one session I experienced a shift in my thoughts and awareness and knew in my heart that Priya was an intuitively gifted coach and that I was in good hands. Priya consistently provided me with fresh opportunities to evaluate the true nature of my situation, to become clearly aware of where I am, where I really want to go, and most importantly what I need to do to get there. Each session with Priya has been filled with humour and love! Her coaching has provided me with a gentle but effective accountability mechanism to keep me motivated and on the path that I have chosen. Priya helped me realize my own value and I will always be grateful!

Karen F.

I have been seeing Priya as a personal life coach for about 3 years and she has significantly helped me get my life in order in all areas. An accident at a young age and then again in my late teens left me deaf in my left ear, no muscle control on the left side of my face and no feeling on most of the left side of my upper body and groin area due to extensive nerve damage. Priya performed a Life Activation on me and over the following hours and few days following I started to have feeling on the left side of my face, body, arm and hand. A year later I have retained those additional feelings. I would highly recommend Priya to anyone with emotional or psychological deficiencies.

Wayne M.

Priya is truly a gifted coach and medium. Yes she communicates with guides, can attune people to energy and help them to understand karmic issues affecting this and past lives. She also has a wonderful way of communicating with people and an amazing sense of grace that itself is wonderful to behold. The insights, learning’s and advice that Priya and her Guides have provided about myself, events in my life, and Universal Source / God / Maker have affected me profoundly. Priya’s coaching and the tools she has provided have been instrumental in helping me to navigate through some major life changes. Critical to the ease of my journey has been understanding how events in this life relate karmically to past lives.

Cam J.