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With a little help, you could be living your life to the fullest. Our team is dedicated to getting you to stop chasing your dreams and start living them. How would you like to unlock your true potential? Get serious about your wellness and connect with us today!!

Stop Waiting. Start Living 365!

Our Services

Are you prepared for living your life to the fullest? Our team is dedicated to getting you to stop chasing your dreams and start living them. How would you like to unlock your true potential? Get serious about your wellness and start living 365!

Lifestyle Workshops

Get practical help and utilize tools that will help align your mind, body and spirit into one unified force. 

Seminars and Classes

Customized classes and regular seminars are offered online and will cover topics from relationships to goal setting and everything in between with a variety of offerings for men, women, couples, families and children.

Individual Coaching

Seeking help is a true sign of strength. Everyone can benefit from expert advice. Individual coaching can help you remove obstacles and improve your well being, relationships, careers and finances.

Couples and Family Coaching

Life can throw some serious road blocks in front of your family or relationships. Coaching can provide you with the roadside assistance to navigate your way through life’s trials and tribulations.

Intuitive Readings

Get authentic guidance from your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones that have passed away. Leverage the power of intuition to gain insight, clarity and direction into your life and future.

Healing Services and Holistic Products

The Living 365 Wellness Group offers and can provide you with a vast array of healing services from our lead practitioners. We also partner with a  number of guest practitioners globally, to ensure that you receive the services you require and desire.


Our sister company Energi, is the home of the Crystal Infused Energi Water Bottle. We are currently working to expand our product offerings from Energi and look forward to sharing them with you soon. 


Energi Magazine, is a magazine to boost, brighten and balance your energy. Receive monthly affirmations, tips and tools for enhancing your energy and learn more about other members in the mind, body, spirit community.


Our Strong Points

Stop Waiting. Start Living 365

Each and every day you wake up is a precious gift that we can appreciate and cherish. We are only granted a certain number of years in this life. Does it make sense to do everything in your power to maximize the the time you spend living? Are you really living or are you just alive? Experience the wide variety of offerings from the Living 365 Wellness Group as we guide you to truly and joyfully Start Living 365.

  • Coaching Services
  • Holistic Healing
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Living 365 Life Strategies


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Results Driven Coaching

By applying unique intuitive abilities combined with in depth training in several modalities to assist individuals, couples and groups, Priya Ali is able to bring lasting change to your life. How could you benefit from solutions that will allow you to pivot your life in the right direction?
Upon identifying your goals, a clear assessment and evaluation will uncover any blocks and obstacles in the mind, body or spirit.
Priya's methods will empower you with concrete tools and strategies to create sustainable changes that can be self-maintained.

Enhance Your Energi Today!

Most of us walk around the world disconnected from the natural energy that flows through all living beings. Once you tap into this powerful phenomena, you will live healthier, feel alive, and become in tune with the environment around you.

Our unique line of Energi and holistic products will help you to achieve a holistic wellness that aligns your mind, body, and spirit as one. Getting your mind, body and spirit to act as one will help you achieve a greater focus and larger influence over your world.

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Choose, Infuse, Reuse and change

Answers to Your Questions

What does it mean to be an Intuitive Reader?

An intuitive reader is a person that maintains a high sensitivity to the flow of energy around the world, within others, and most importantly through themselves. Intuitive readers are often referred to as "empaths" that can detect the emotions and physical pain that others are going through This intense connection to the world allows intuitives to help others recognize the source of their own suffering and takes steps to provide guidance or and healing to shift the misalignment into an aligned state.

How do I know if energy healing is for me?

Energy healing can assist anyone looking to expand their consciousness and awareness using all natural tools and strategies. Enhancing the equality of your life may feel like an enormous objective. However, with the help of a professional healer, you can achieve spiritual growth to break free from limiting beliefs, afflictions and addictions.

How long will my coaching sessions last?

Some challenges can be solved within a single 90 minute session. For more complex issues coaching can run from a 4 week commitment to 6 months. Generally speaking 6 months would be the maximum length with "maintenance visits" to follow as needed.

What does Living 365 mean?

Living 365 represents regret free living. If today was your last day on earth, would you have regrets about the things you haven't done, things you are still doing, not being with people you love, not leaving people you can't create joy with? Many of us are waiting for the "right moment", when we're richer, when the kids are grown, when we lose the weight, to name a few. Living 365 is about living the best life you possibly can from wherever you are in life. As soon as you make the choice, change can begin at any phase and stage of your life. Stop Waiting. Start Living 365


by | Aug 27, 2019

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