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Noah de Lima

4th Generation Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Healer and Empath Noah’s first recognizable experiences with spirit occurred when he was a toddler and was able to communicate that he was seeing spirit. He demonstrated a natural and innate healing touch through his hands and energetic presence. As he entered his teenage years and throughout high school, his empathic abilities became more prevalent. He withdrew and struggled through this time as he absorbed the emotions of his peers in school. Noah recognized during this time that he wanted to help others struggling with anxiety, depression and other emotional challenges and began to pursue his studies in Psychology at Brock University. During his first year at university and experiencing his first time away from home, he had the opportunity to become more self-reliant and self-aware leading him to develop more understanding and acceptance of his energetic and spiritual gifts and abilities. He chose to redirect his education path towards Social Work and Counselling as well as Metaphysical Healing.

Noah found himself as a confidante to his peers,

as someone friends and acquaintances felt comfortable to open up to. His kind and playful nature combined with his wise and calm energies attract people of all ages to him. Noah has chosen to work with both “spirited” and “non-spirited” children, teens and young adults. His goal and purpose are to guide those with psychic, healing, empathic and seeing abilities, as he knows first hand how confusing and sometimes scary it can be. As he studies social work and counselling, he is working towards developing the skills to help this age group through all of life’s challenges and provide tools and processes to help them strengthen their self-confidence and life skills.

Noah currently offers spiritual readings, energy cleansing and balancing as well as spiritual guidance for children, teens and young adults as well as their parents.

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