About Priya

Priya Ali, a dedicated entrepreneur and mother of four, has led a successful personal and executive coaching practice, Living 365, since 2007. Living 365 is dedicated to enabling dramatic personal and professional growth amongst its clients. Through highly personalized coaching and guidance, Living 365 empowers clients to establish positive, productive thought processes and behaviours. Living 365 offers a variety of services for individuals, couples, and professional groups, all of which are dedicated to constructive self-reflection and behavioural change. For both personal and professional goals, Living 365 is dedicated to delivering a customized, holistic approach and measurable results.

Priya is also the founder and CEO of the 365 TV Network (365tvnetwork.com), a iTV network dedicated to growth and self-development.

Priya Ali possesses unique intuitive abilities that she applies in each of Living 365’s service offerings. This intuitive capacity allows her to quickly extract valuable insights from individuals and social groups, providing clients with guidance that is both objective and keenly insightful.

Priya Ali has cultivated her natural talent through a wide range of professional certifications and accreditation to maximize her capacity to support the personal, professional, spiritual and physical goals of her clients.

Priya has directly trained under influential mentors and institutions including:

Michael Losier Author, Law of Attraction (2003):  Michael Losier is a certified Law of Attraction trainer and teacher, dedicated to helping fellow coaches and clients focus their attention and energy for positive results. Priya Ali is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator.

Modern Mystery School: The Modern Mystery School (MMS) traces its tradition of advanced spiritual healing over 3,000 years, from the time of King Salomon the Wise. Through the Modern Mystery School, Priya Ali is a Certified Advanced Healer and Life Activation Coach.

Toronto International Coaching Academy: Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

 Doreen Virtue Author and Founder, Angel Therapy: Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician. As a fellow medium, Priya Ali has cultivated this talent through Doreen Virtue’s training.