Intensive Relationship Rescue

This 3 or 5 day unique intensive program is designed to rescue the relationship with your partner or your relationship with yourself.


Through Priya’s intuitive gift and master NLP skills, you will repair the breakdown of your relationship by:

  • Identifying and uncovering core issues
  • Investigating your current relationship model
  • Building a healthy unified relationship model
  • Healing and releasing past hurts
  • Understanding your partner’s language

We will be delving into understanding the relationships of your parents. These relationships gave us the input used to form our own ideas and patterns for our relationships this knowledge and understanding is key. This will allow us to get to the root cause of our issues both individually and as a couple. The root causes are usually manifested into small arguments and differences in a couple.

From there we begin to use NLP to release the behaviours, thoughts and patterns that we have identified are no longer serving us. We then will input new programmed thoughts into our subconscious mind through NLP.

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